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The Updated 2024 Rules of Handicapping Player Reference Guide

Please click on the links below to see copies of the Course Rating Certificate and Course Handicap Converison Table for North Hants

Course Rating Certificate

Eagle Plus Hanidcap Conversaion Table and Local Rules

Members Toolkit

Please click HERE to see a copy of The England Golf Privacy Notice in relation to information they store and HERE for FAQ'S on why they need to store specific data.

2024 WHS Update

Just as with the Rules of Golf, the WHS™ Rules of Handicapping & Course Rating will be updated every four years – this is set to be the year preceding the Rules of Golf change (last update January 2023). This allows WHS™ to be appropriately adapted to any impacts from the Rules of Golf changes. The WHA have announced the next WHS™ update for the 1 January, 2024. The changes are summarised below:

Rules of Handicapping

  • Introduction of Course Rating™ minus PAR (within GB&I)
  • Introduction of acceptable scores from fourball betterball formats (within GB&I)
  • Implementation of Expected Scoring
  • Using Un-rounded Course Handicap™ calculation where computer precision is used  

Course Rating

  • Course Rating™
  • Rating of courses of a minimum 1500 yards
  • Standardising Par

Please click HERE for more details on the changes coming in from April 2024. 

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