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Q. So will we just be lining our existing bunkers with rubber lining?

A. No, in line with Tom Mackenzie's plan we will be reducing the number of bunkers on the golf course by 18, redesigning others and lining those remaining with Blinder (rubber lining) which will greatly improve drainage and presentation. Please refer to the design further below for details of the change in bunker configuration.

Q. Is it right that at this stage we are only going to upgrade the bunkers and irrigation and not deliver the rest of Tom Mackenzie's plan?

A. Yes, the irrigation upgrade has been funded by the sale of the term memberships. The bunker upgrades will be funded by loan notes. The Tom Mackenzie plan will be the blueprint for any future course upgrades as and when the club can afford it.

Q. I'm unsure whether to invest my money in a loan note or to keep it in a savings account?

A. The club are unable to offer financial advice. Please refer to the Lone Note documentation.

Q. Can I pay for my Loan Note on a credit card so that I can get the air miles?

A. Loan note funds can only be accepted via direct bank transfer (BACS) or Cheque.

Q. I have some legal questions about the Loan Note documentation. Can I e-mail them to the office?

A. The club team are not legal professionals and as such are unable to answer questions of a legal nature.

Q. I have a 10 year term membership. I assume the benefit from holding the loan notes would initially be not needing to pay the capital levy rather than having 100% of the annual benefit being added to my bar card?

A. This is not the case. As per clause h) of the Loan Note terms and conditions, the maximum subscription concession will be 100% of the Member’s annual subscription, excluding all additional fees and levies. Levies will remain payable for those with a 10 year term membership. This is also covered under clauses 4 a) and b) of the term membership agreement.

Q. Why should I invest in this scheme?

A. The Loan Note framework is not an investment scheme. It is a way of members helping their club raise funds to deliver a major course upgrade. In return members will recieve a small discount on their annual subscriptions. Full details are given within the Loan Note paperwork.

Q. Can I e-mail a list of my recommendations for where bunkers should be removed?

A. We would prefer you didn't. We have engaged with a world renowned course designer and have been guided by his vision for the golf course which we have adopted. As you can imagine, agreeing a design amongst 500 plus members is not practical.

Q. I am not happy that we may only have 9 holes open from October. Can't we find a way around this?

A. It is impossible for these important upgrades to be delivered without some disruption. As per the members wishes, the works will be carried out in one phase, October 2024–March 2025, which will mean at times we will only have 9 holes open. The alternative would be less disruption but over a longer period of time, which members indicated they did not want to see happen. We believe the disruption will ultimately be worth it.

Q. It's easier for me just to gift the club money for the bunkers. Can I do this?

A. Yes some members have indicated they would like to do thiis.  There is a gift form you can complete and send in with your payment. If you are considering gifting the club money towards the bunkers then on behalf of all other members, thank you!


It has been well-publicised that our irrigation system requires an upgrade and that, over the last few years, we have been patching up and making do with an inefficient and unreliable system. This costs the club more and more money each year and means that the golf course can't be presented to its full potential despite the team's best efforts. The system is at risk of catastrophic failure at any time. We also know that our bunkers are a weakness of the golf course and the results of a recent member survey backed this up. 

Golf Course Masterplan

The required upgrade to our irrigation system and the re-design and upgrade of the bunkers including rubber lining, and any future course design upgrades are inextricably linked. Therefore, before committing to any significant expenditure on any one of these elements we have undertaken a comprehensive review of all of them. We engaged with Tom Mackenzie of  Mackenzie Ebert to carry out this review which has now been completed. Click HERE to be inspired. Password: NorthHants2022

Members' Meeting

On Monday 7th November we hosted a Members' meeting to present the outputs from the review and a vision for the golf course over the next 10 to 20 years, incorporating the irrigation and bunker upgrade. Preceding the meeting we shared a video presentation of the vision which captured some of the main elements of the proposal.  The link to that video can be found at the bottom of this page along with the full course masterplan proposal.  Club Chairman  Alan Kinnear opened the meeting up by introducing special guests, course architect Tom Mackenzie and Irrigation consultant Giles Wardle. Alan then gave an overview of the proposals and why it so important to take a holistic approach. 

The Course Manager's View

Course Manager Sam Evans shared his thoughts on the proposals and masterplan and explained the huge difference delivering the plan would make to him and the team in delivering the best possible on-course experience for members. Sam believes that the proposals would see the golf course improve no end and compete with some of the best courses around.

The Architect

Tom Mackenzie presented in person details of the vision and the proposed course upgrades. Tom has worked with 16 of the World's top 100 and 49 of the UK's top 100 golf courses including The Berkshire, Turnberry, Carnoustie, Portmarnock and Royal St. George's. Tom emphasised the importance of having effective irrigation to deliver the golf course to the required standard.  Tom took a number of questions from members which can be viewed along with the answers below.


Chairman  Alan Kinnear and Treasurer Gordon Davidson presented an outline of the funding requirements to deliver the plan. These included several different approaches to phase the works over a longer or shorter period and to different specifications. Each option considered requires different levels of funding estimated to be between £1.3 million and £2 million. We know from an earlier survey that members prefer the use of 'Loan Notes' to fund significant course projects. In addition to a loan note, the club will make available up to 30 10-year term memberships which it is hoped will raise in the region of £675,000 towards the works. The remaining funding will be raised through a capital levy (over and above the loan note repayment levy) at a level determined by the membership through a survey which has been distributed following the meeting on 7th November. The terms and conditions of the Loan Note will be modelled on a previous similar scheme and full details will be published on this page in due course.

Should you have any additional questions regarding the proposals, please direct them to any member of the management board. Alternatively you can speak to Rob Climas or Sam Evans.


Historic Masterplan Information

Presentation Slides (revised)

Members' Meeting Q&A

Historcal Study

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Our Vision for the Golf Course Video  Password: NorthHants2022

Vision Update 12/11/22

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10-Year Membership terms and conditions

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