North Hants Golf Club


The Captain’s Committee will, from time to time, make new regulations and/or alter and repeal all or any of these Regulations as it may deem necessary or expedient or convenient for the proper operation and conduct of members and guests on the Course and in the Clubhouse. Any change which could affect the financial performance of the Club shall be referred to the Management Committee for approval. In the event of any inconsistency between these regulations and the Articles of Association, the Articles of Association of the Club will take precedence.

The Captain’s Committee shall bring notice of all such Regulations (or alterations or appeals thereof) to the attention of Members.

The General Manager shall have the authority to amend on a day-to-day basis regulations for:

(i)   The use of the Clubhouse and its facilities by Members and visitors.

(ii)  The regulation of play on, and the upkeep and preservation of the course.

(iii) The organisation and regulation of competitions and matches.

Any such amendment to the regulations will be exhibited in the appropriate place and will be valid from the date of posting. Where appropriate, any amendments to regulations will be submitted for approval to the next meeting of the Captain’s Committee.


North Hants Golf Club prides itself on it’s warm, welcoming, friendly, and safe culture built around a set of core values. This has built up over many years and along with the golf course is the cornerstone of the golf club. Members must at all times protect this culture by example and by conducting themselves in a polite, responsible, and respectful manner on the course, in the clubhouse and elsewhere on the Club’s premises and when representing the club.

Members will not at any time conduct themselves in a violent, aggressive, abusive, rude, disrespectful, offensive, or dishonest manner towards any fellow member, employee, contractor, guest, or visitor.

Members may make enquiries to club staff and committee members relating to club matters either verbally, via letter or e-mail but must do so in a polite, respectful non-aggressive, or confrontational tone and manner and must respect that the response will be based on the best interests of the entire club and membership and not any individual or group.

Members will not bring the Club into disrepute nor harm the good name of the Club. Acts deemed to bring the Club into disrepute include, but are not limited to:

(i)  Violation of any regulations of the Club.

(ii) Conduct which is disruptive, incompatible with or disagreeable to Members, their families or guests, employees of the club or anyone working on behalf of the club. This includes rude, disrespectful, discourteous, or aggressive behaviour.

(iii) A serious, and/or consistent, breach of the Rules of Golf or the Club’s Dress Code.

(iv) Destruction or defacing, theft, damaging of and/or removal of Club property.    

(v)  Criminal conviction for an offence or offences detrimental to the Club’s reputation.

(vi) Publishing of comments or pictures via social media platforms, or any other such activity which may cause harm to the reputation of the club, it’s members or employees.

Any known or perceived infringement of the rules of conduct shall be referred to the Captain’s Committee for consideration or further investigation or action, which may result in suspension or expulsion from the club.


The Club members have agreed a set of Core Values as determined by the members. These Core Values provide the framework which helps maintain and protect the culture within the Club, built up over many years. They also set out the behaviours expected of everyone involved with North Hants Golf Club.

INTEGRITY - Demonstrate integrity at all times when at the Club or representing the Club.

SPORTSMANSHIP - Display good sportsmanship at all times.

KINDNESS - Display care and kindness to other members and employees at all times

ONE CLUB - ONE MEMBERSHIP - It's about the Club and not the individual.

BLAME IS NOT OUR GAME - We look for solutions not blame and we understand that the solution should always represent the best outcome for all members.

RULES - Respect the rules of the Club & the Game at all times and understand they are there to enhance the experience for all.

NURTURING GROWTH - We encourage the next generation of golfers by welcoming and nurturing both juniors and beginners into the Club for the good of the game.

SUSTAINABILITY - We work hard to protect the environment and use sustainable solutions and products wherever possible.

EQUALITY, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION - We encourage and promote a diverse and inclusive environment and treat every member, prospective member, and visitor as equals.

RESPECT - Treat fellow members, employees, guests, and the golf course with respect at all times.


The Club operates a relaxed but smart dress code on and off the course at all times.  This includes areas such as the practice ground. The Club’s dress policy will be displayed at all times in a central location, visible to both members and guests. Members are expected to be aware of and comply with this policy at all times. Appropriate and smart-tailored golf attire and recognised golf footwear must be worn on the course at all times. The General Manager and all senior staff, including the Professionals and Course Rangers, are authorised at all times to enforce these regulations. Members are entirely responsible for ensuring that any guests or visitors they bring adhere to the dress code of the club. Societies are informed in advance of the Club’s dress code and that it will apply to their members when playing as guests of the Club. In the Clubhouse and surrounds there is an acceptance that smart denim jeans (including blue) but not ripped jeans are permitted. Socks are not necessary if wearing boat or deck shoes; Caps, visors, and hats must not be worn in the clubhouse by ladies or gentlemen.

Any Member who sees anyone failing to adhere to the dress code standards of the Club should advise a senior member of Staff or Committee Member immediately. For clarification, the following policy on the course will be enforced:

  • Tailored shorts are permitted provided they are worn with single-coloured long socks or white short socks (not off-white), including ‘trainer socks’.
  • Men’s shorts must be above the knee.
  • Socks may contain a small, discreet logo only.
  • Cargo pants of any description (that includes any shorts with external pockets), combat trousers, and trousers with drawstring waist or legs are strictly forbidden.
  • T-shirts, beachwear, jeans, and any football/rugby/hockey or numbered sporting shirts or shorts are not permitted.
  • Men and Ladies may not wear non-golf shirts without collars.
  • Shirts must at all times be tucked into shorts or trousers.
  • Except for recognised Plus-2s or Plus-4s, trousers may not be tucked into socks.
  • Tracksuits and wet-weather gear not designed specifically for golf are not permitted.
  • Hats and baseball caps (peak to the front).
  • No beach flip-flops.


a) Clubhouse

Summer                                  Food Service                             Bar

Mon-Fri                                   08.00 – 17.00hrs                        07.30 – 21.00hrs

Sat-Sun                                   07.30 – 17.00hrs                        07.30 – 21:00hrs


Mon-Fri                                   08.00 – 16.00hrs                        07.30 – 18.00hrs

Sat-Sun                                   07.30 – 16.00hrs                        07.30 – 18.00hrs

b) Halfway Hut

The Halfway Hut will be open Seven days a week. Opening hours are listed on the front of the Halfway Hut.

For weekend Board competitions, the Halfway Hut will remain open until the last competitors have passed through.

Standard opening and food service times may be subject to change. Any changes will be communicated to members no less than fourteen days in advance. In the event of specific functions, the Clubhouse and bar may remain open for longer, and in the event of inclement weather the clubhouse and Halfway Hut may close earlier or catering availability restricted.

Opening times during shoulder months, April, May, September, and  October may vary in line with sunset and sunrise.

Except with the permission of the Captain’s Committee or the General Manager, acting on their behalf, who may levy a corkage fee, no wines or other liquors shall be brought into the Club for the private use of a Member.

c) Course

The course will be open each day from 08.00hrs to dusk or at other times specified in the course matrix applicable at the time. No play is allowed before 8 am as per the matrix.


Rules of Golf and Play

The Rules of Golf, as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, shall be the Rules of the Club.

The Standard Scratch Score and Handicapping Scheme as prepared and amended from time to time by the Council of National Golf Unions shall, with such variations as may be observed and made known by the Captain’s Committee, be observed by the Club.

It is the responsibility of every golfer to:

i)  Know and observe the rules and etiquette of golf.

ii) Play without delay and call through the following match if the ground has been lost to the match in front.

iii) We are a “Ready Golf” Club and adopt the pace of play disciplines for stroke play but not for match play due to the strategy involved between opponents and the need to have a set method for determining which player plays first. Be ready to play to avoid undue delay if it’s safe to do so, and you won’t breach any etiquette rules.

iv) Leave trolleys at the point of exit of each green and leave the green immediately after each hole has been completed.

(v) Mark the scorecard after leaving the green.

vi) Replace all divots (other than on tees), rake bunkers, and repair pitch marks on the green.

vii) Be aware of, and observe all local rules which will be posted in the clubhouse.

viii) Observe and comply with notices on the course regulating the movement of trolleys and buggies.

ix)  Adhere to any pace of play guidelines or conditions which the Committee may from time to time introduce.

x)  Respect and adhere to any instructions given by the course rangers.

xi) Each player must use their own set of clubs. No sharing is allowed unless specified under the terms of a club competition. Non-members who are accompanying a member to play golf must sign in at the pro shop and pay the appropriate green fee.

Tee Reservations and Start Times

Except for Matches and Competitions, the Club does not operate a pre-booking system.

There is a ball chute on the 1st and 10th tees and a ball may be placed in the chute only when all players in the match are on the putting green (1st tee) or at the Halfway Hut (10th tee) and ready to play.

Unless specific tee reservations are operative, either for a major event/society or with the approval of the General Manager, all starting must adhere to the approved matrix. This matrix will be published and communicated on the course information board the website and notice boards.

The clock on the information sign adjacent to the first tee is designated the official starting clock. 

No play is allowed before 8 am

The last group to tee off before times change must do so early enough for players to clear the green in time for the next time phase to start.


The Matrix will be suspended during Men's and Ladies Competition Start Times.

Any player failing to adhere to the starting matrix times will have no standing on the course and may be asked to leave.  At no time may players start at the 13th tee, except when designated in certain competitions. Members playing directly behind all regular competitions should leave one clear hole between their group and the last group of the competition.


The rule of alternation between matches starting their round and those who have already played 9 holes applies. Those waiting to start their rounds on the 1st and 10th tees must give way to those putting out on the 9th or 18th greens and intending to play on. The group having given way will then take precedence on the tee. Players waiting to start their round must give priority to any Members who are halfway round and playing in a Club Match or Club Competition.

Course Maintenance

Course maintenance is carried out on the basis that the first tee time will be 8 am. At all times Members are requested to be courteous to the Green Staff and to allow them to complete their tasks as efficiently as possible. This includes allowing them to complete essential tasks on the hole being played. Times of major course maintenance shall be communicated on the website and through the General Manager’s Office.


All club fixtures are published and kept updated via the online club diary.


Competitions are an important activity of any golf club. At NHGC competitions are very popular and the start sheet can become full very quickly. It is therefore important that all members who are entered, turn up to play at their booked tee times. Failure to do so not only inconveniences their playing partners, but prevents other members from playing, particularly if the competition is fully booked. In competitions where prize-giving takes place on the day of the competition we would like as many members as possible to stay and support the prize-giving and we expect all prize-winners to attend.

Failure to correctly complete a score card and to record the score on the Psi terminal involves the office in unnecessary work and lost time in tracking down the missing or un-entered cards before the competition can be closed. It is therefore very important that members familiarise themselves with, and adopt, the procedure given below:


Unless otherwise advised, entry for Men’s and Ladies individual competitions shall be made on-line. Entries may be made on either of the three terminals in the Clubhouse or on line via the NHGC website. Payment for competitions shall be required at time of entry and members will need to have deposited enough money on their Club Card otherwise they will not be allowed to enter. IG (Intelligent Golf) allows one golfer to enter multiple playing partners and an email will be sent to those players informing them of their entry in to a competition. Should they be unable to play they should remove their name from the start sheet as soon as possible.


Members may withdraw up to 48 hours from the first start time of a competition by removing their name from the start sheet. In these cases the entry fee will be refunded.

Members needing to withdraw from a competition less than 48 hours prior to the start of the competition, or after online entry has closed, must personally telephone the Office and give the reason for their withdrawal. It is not acceptable to send messages via playing partners on the day of play, to send emails to the office or leave messages on the office answerphone.

Withdrawal on the day of the competition must be done via the Pro Shop and the member must state the reason for the withdrawal.

Short notice withdrawals from competitions will be recorded and monitored by the Captain’s Committee. Frequent offenders or members withdrawing for frivolous reasons, will receive a written warning. Should future abuses of the completion booking system occur without good reason, the Captain’s Committee reserves the right to impose a ban from one or more future competitions.

Reserve List

When the competition start sheet is full, IG will operate a reserve list. Members may add their name to the reserve list with a preference as to either an early, middle or late tee time. Should a competitor withdraw from the competition, IG will automatically promote the next name from the reserve list in to preferred time slot. The promoted member will receive email notification of entry into the competition.

Score Card

It is recognised that to comply with the rules of golf you are only required to enter the gross scores on your card and sign. However, in line with good etiquette, the standard required at the club in completing a scorecard, includes the details as shown below. This will aid the competition administrators who have to match the cards to the system before awarding prizes. A poorly filled out card adds unnecessary time to the 100 or more cards that are reviewed.

Members must return their completed and signed scorecards to the competition box. A score card is completed if it contains:

  • Players name
  • Course Handicap and strokes received (refer to Section K below)
  • Date
  • Competition
  • Start/Finish time
  • Tees used
  • Gross scores for each hole and totals for front/back nine holes and total strokes taken
  • Stableford points recorded where applicable
  • Players signature

Scores (including N/R’s) must be entered or verified on the Psi terminal or via a mobile phone where applicable within 30 minutes of finishing their round. Those members using the NHGC website via a phone to enter their score, must “close and save” their score on a Psi terminal after entry. Those using the IG app do not need to do this.

If members have to retire during the round because of injury or illness, they should inform the Pro Shop of their withdrawal before leaving the Club, and a score of N/R must be entered on the Psi terminal.

Failure to adhere to the Score Card procedure may result in disqualification.

For any “Final knockout” competitions. Competitors will be required to start their final from the 1st tee in accordance with the matrix. Whenever possible a committee member will be available as a referee/marshal. They shall carry red flag to signify this is a “final” and that any group in front should let them through if necessary. Also, the group behind should stay a respectful distance behind the “final” team.

In order to allow fairness to all, no member can sign up or request the office sign them up for a competition before the stated ‘go live’ date. Only the Club Captain, and Lady Captain are afforded early access as part of their Captancy.

Visitors & Members’ Guests

(i) Visitors may not be introduced to play on the course on a day fixed for any weekend Club competition, or on any other day notified from time to time, unless specifically authorised by the General Manager, or the Club Professional, or in their absence those with delegated authority within the club office or golf shop.

(ii) Full members may introduce up to three playing guests Monday-Thursday without prior approval

(iii) Full members may introduce up to three playing guests Friday –Sunday and Bank Holidays after 1pm without prior approval

(v) Full members may introduce one guest Friday-Sunday and Bank Holidays before 1pm or up to three guests before 1pm with prior permission from the General Manager or Club Professional, or in their absence those with delegated authority within the club office or golf shop

(vi) Introductory members may introduce playing guests Monday-Thursday at the casual green fee rate.

(vii) Introductory members may introduce up to three playing guests Friday-Sunday and Bank Holidays after 1pm and on a non-competition day at the casual green fee rate with prior permission from the General Manager or the Club Professional, or in their absence those with delegated authority within the club office or golf shop.

(viii) Members are not able to play with guests after the Pro Shop has closed, as it is not possible to sign the guest in.


The principal society days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays but will be occasionally scheduled on other days if appropriate after due consideration to other commitments and relevant issues by the General Manager and Club Captain and/or Chairman. Visiting Societies shall normally be subject to the Tee Reservation policy set out above, but at the discretion of the General Manager or Assistant Secretary this may be varied.  Members are asked to check on the weekly and monthly updates, together with the website, at all times where all specific Society details will be communicated. The regulation allowing Members to alternate shall not apply when Societies have a reservation.

Half Way Hut

Golfers stopping at the Half Way Hut must be ready to continue play within 10 minutes of so doing. If the following match does not wish to stop, then it may request to play through the group in front, unless that group is either on the 10th tee or 18th fairway ready to play. Approval must be sought, and such approval should not be unreasonably withheld.

j)  Ladies Section

The Ladies Committee will be responsible for running competitions, matches and social events on behalf of the Ladies Section.

Ladies Competitions are normally played on Thursdays and the 1st tee is reserved from 08.00am - 10.30am for that purpose throughout the year, or at other times if specifically requested and agreed in advance. For major events this may be extended and details will be provided in the weekly diary and tee information sheets. A copy of the Starting Sheet for each competition will be displayed on the board in the entrance hall so that non-competitors may see when the tee is booked and when competitors are likely to take precedence on the 1st and 10th hole.

Other Members are permitted to play on Thursdays outside of the tee times reserved for the Ladies events, but at all times they must allow a reasonable time gap (1 clear hole) behind the last Ladies playing group and may not request to “play through”. 

k) Handicap Allowances

England Golf direct that the following handicap allowances be used for the under noted forms of competition when played as handicap events. 

l) Junior Section

Junior members with playing rights on the course may play at any time and in any format Monday-Thursday. Unless otherwise approved by the General Manager.

The following conditions apply on Fridays, at weekends and on Bank Holidays:


(i) Juniors with a handicap of 12 or below may play at any time.

(ii) Juniors with a handicap of 13 or above may play after 2pm between April and October and after 12 noon between November and March.

(iii) For the sake of clarity these conditions apply to the highest handicap in the group. When playing with an adult playing member the time restrictions do not apply.


(iv) If accompanied by an adult, Juniors may play at any time and in any format in line with the matrix.

(v) If unaccompanied by an adult, Juniors may only play in two balls in line with the matrix.

(vii) Conditions applying to Juniors entering Club competitions will be determined by the Captain’s Committee and shall be displayed on the main notice board of the Club and are highlighted below:

Men’s Competitions

Category 1 (handicap 5 and below) junior boys may enter Men’s Cup Competitions at any tee-time starting from either the 1st or 10th tees. Category 2 (handicap 12 and below) juniors may enter Men’s Cup Competitions after 12:00h from either the 1st or 10th tee. For non-cup competitions tee booking restrictions do not apply. Both Category 1 and 2 juniors may enter matchplay knockout competitions and may partner each other in pairs competitions.


Silver and Bronze Division (handicap 36 or below) junior girls are permitted to enter ladies competitions including the alternate day held at the weekend. They are also permitted to enter matchplay knockouts and may partner each other in pairs competitions.

Mixed Pairs

Boys with a handicap of 12 or below and girls with a handicap of 36 and below are permitted to enter mixed pairs competitions including matchplay knockouts. Juniors may partner each other.

Junior Members may, with the General Manager’s prior approval, introduce Junior visitors, Monday-Thursday only, provided that such Junior visitors shall be subject to the same conditions and restrictions as Junior Members and shall pay applicable green fees (as determined by the Management Committee from time to time).

m) Safeguarding of Adults and Children

SafeGolf is a partnership of UK golf bodies committed to promoting a safe and positive environment for all those participating, working and volunteering in the sport of golf. As part of our SafeGolf accreditation we have appointed General Manager, Rob Climas as the Club Welfare Officer and have produced 2 safeguarding polices that we as a club adhere to and we ask all members to be aware of which are displayed on the Club website.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the SafeGolf policy please direct them to the Club Welfare Officer, Rob Climas.

n) Members Buggies

Any member may apply to the Captain’s Committee for permission to use a personal buggy or other approved mobile transportation on the course. To obtain permission a member must satisfy the Committee that they are not able to play golf without the assistance of mobile transport – this should be by way of a medical certificate which must be renewed annually. A copy of a valid and updated insurance certificate must at all times be provided to the Club. Members with the required documentation may use their buggy in Club competitions. In adverse weather conditions where trolleys are not permitted on the course, members may not use their buggies. At all times buggies must follow the direction signs for trolleys that are at times indicated. Other members may only use a buggy in a competition with prior approval from the General Manager and may not transport any fellow competitor.

Please click here to see the clubs buggy policy.

o) Members Remote control trolleys

Any member using a remote-controlled electric trolley is expected to do so in a way which does not upset or intimidate other members. An example of this would be sending the trolley up to the next tee, when other members are teeing off, before having completed their current hole. Additionally, members are expected to control their trolley in a sensible manner and not spin them in circles either on or off the course to demonstrate their remote control as this can be unsafe, and cause damage to playing surfaces.

p) Course Closure Policy

Members and Visitors must adhere to the Course Closure Policy at all times.

q) Dogs

Dogs may not be brought onto the course by Members on competition days during play of that competition. (except assistance dogs)

A competition is as defined by the Captain’s Committee and shall include any Club or Open stroke play or team Competition. This rule refers in general to competitions which are scheduled for at least half of a full day.

Dogs must be kept under strict control at all times by the relevant Member, who is responsible for removing any excrement caused by the dog from the Club premises.

Dogs may not be brought into the clubhouse at any time (except assistance dogs)


a) Motor Cars & Bicycles

Motor cars shall not stand in front of the Clubhouse, or on the roadway surrounding the Clubhouse, but shall be parked in the car park.  Members are requested to display their current car window sticker at all times.  Members wishing to leave their cars at the Club for off-site business or social reasons must register their car registration number with the club office and must park in bottom left corner of the overflow car park. The club may give notice to restrict parking for off-site activities at any time.

Any member found to have shared their car sticker with a non-member for the purposes of parking in the club car park for off-site activities will be subject to disciplinary proceedings, in line with club rules and articles of association.

Bicycles shall not be left in front of the Clubhouse, or on the roadway surrounding the Clubhouse, but shall be placed in the frame provided for them by the Clubhouse.

b) Gratuities

Small gratuities may be made by Members to employees at their discretion in appreciation of services of a ‘waiting’ nature provided on Club premises. The Captain’s Committee may, at their discretion, collect gifts or money for the Club employees generally or for a particular employee on a special occasion. All tips are shared equally amongst relevant employees via their monthly payslip in line with HMRC guidlines.

c) Membership Levy Card

Members may not request to charge clubhouse transactions to another members levy card at any time. Any request of this nature will be refused. Only the individual account holder may authorise a transaction.

d) Notices

No paper, placard or notice, written or printed, shall be posted or displayed in the Clubhouse without the prior approval of the General Manager and no notice shall be altered, amended, disfigured or defaced.

e) Settlement of Accounts

Members shall pay every expense they incur in the Clubhouse or upon the Club’s premises on the due payment date.

f) Mobile Phone, Laptops and Tablets

Mobile phones shall not be used for incoming or outgoing calls at any time in the Clubhouse and the immediate surrounds.  They may be used in the car parks and must at all times be in silent ring mode on the course where they may be used for emergency calls only and with the consent of playing partners.

Wi-Fi connection is available in the Clubhouse. Laptops, tablets and smart phones may be used discreetly in the Clubhouse to obtain/send information.  Members and visitors wishing to use the Wi-Fi for prolonged business or social use should request to use a private room. 

g) Club Logo

The North Hants Golf Club logo is Copyright Protected. Registration number 284750593. Its use is authorised for the Head Professional only who may order stock items displaying the logo for resale. Any items which display the North Hants Golf Club Logo may only be sourced via the Head Professional or directly with the Club Office.

h) Smoking

Neither Smoking or vaping is allowed anywhere inside the clubhouse or outbuildings.

i) Restricted areas

Members may not enter areas of the clubhouse marked as 'Staff Only'. This includes all back of house areas and the kitchen.

j) Complaints and Suggestions

Complaints should be made in writing to the General Manager who will either settle them and/or bring them to the notice of the Captain’s Committee.

Under no circumstances is a Member entitled to reprimand a member of the Club Staff.

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